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Deacon Dan relocating: Letter to the Parish

Dear friends,

As some of you know, Barb and I have decided to relocate to Bargersville, Indiana at the end of May. This comes after considerable prayer and conversation. There are several reasons for this move, including our desire to be closer to family at this point in our lives, our health, and the fact that several of my professional commitments are now nearing completion.

Although we look forward to this next step in our journey, it will be difficult to leave our many friends and colleagues. We enjoy a number of long-standing relationships, many of which have been nurtured over the course of our lifetimes. This includes, of course, our St. Mary’s family. Barb and I felt embraced at St. Mary’s from the very first time we visited in June 2013. St. Mary’s has enriched our lives in so many ways. There have been moments of great joy and moments of comfort, too, during times of personal loss.

There are so many to thank for the many blessings we’ve received. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t call special attention to Sister Joanne Marie, Jan Mucha, Marion Weeks, and Tom Ruiz. As you know, St. Mary’s has been blessed with outstanding leadership. In each of these instances, fruitful time together in ministry quickly evolved into a deep and abiding friendship. Service in a number of our parish’s wonderful ministries, including God’s Groceries, our Pastoral Council, our Finance Council, our parish’s Needs Assessment Team, and our Emmaus Journey Program, will be greatly missed as well. So many good and faithful parishioners serve in these ministries and in all of St. Mary’s ministries. Serving with Deacon Mickey Henry has been a particular delight. It was a great joy to journey with him as he prepared for his ordination.

Finally, I am ever so grateful for having had the opportunity to serve with two exceptional pastors. I’ve greatly appreciated both Father Pat and Father Kevin as mentors, as inspirations, and as friends. As you may know, a deacon cannot fully or effectively serve in ordained ministry without the ongoing support of his pastor. I have come to know Father Pat and Father Kevin as good, holy, and remarkably generous men. I am indebted to each of them in so many ways.

I’m hoping to serve as a senior deacon in one of the three parishes near our home in Bargersville. Again, we look forward to this next step in our journey, but will remain ever so grateful for our time at St. Mary’s. We will continue to pray for you and hope you will do the same for us.

And oh yes, we plan to visit often! May God bless you!

With a grateful heart, Deacon Dan Lowery

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