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Small Church Communities

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Small Church Communities

A Small Church Community (SCC) is a group of 3 or more individuals coming together a few times each month to share and grow their faith through the inspiring words of Scripture.

Gathering in a comfortable setting, a facilitator guides the group. The upcoming Sunday Scriptures are read.  Each person reflects on the message and is encouraged to share how a word, a phrase, or idea speaks to them in a personal way today. As members connect their own life and faith stories to the Scripture, they truly discover God more richly present in their lives.

Small Church Community members gather together to share and listen, support and encourage, find peace and prayer in the spirit of Christ’s teachings.  They grow to know, honor and celebrate one another.  They offer service to one another, the Saint Mary’s community and beyond.

What are the gifts one enjoys within a Small Church Community?

  • Participating in a personal and supportive environment with a sense of belonging

  • Having the opportunity to be listened to in a confidential, trusting and non-judgmental atmosphere

  • Sharing your life and Faith experiences with others

  • Deepening your own Faith

  • Meeting and building relationships with people from Saint Mary’s

  • Having your abilities and talents encouraged and appreciated

  • Feeling supported during times of challenge and joy

Are there different Small Church Communities to join?

Yes! Saint Mary’s currently has several different groups that may fit your needs – each meeting on various days and different times:

  • Couples

  • Singles

  • Young Adults

  • Moms only

  • Dads only

  • Empty Nesters

  • Inter-generational

How can I join an existing Small Church Community?

Feel free to contact Kerry at 219-663-0044 or We’re waiting for your call.

May I form a new Small Church Community?

Absolutely!  In fact, new groups are highly encouraged to grow at Saint Mary’s.  You will be given the help and reference materials you will need to make your SCC a wonderful experience.  Please contact Kerry at 219-663-0044 or

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