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School Advisory Council

Prayer Group

School Advisory Council

Saint Mary’s Catholic School operates under the authority of the Pastor in collaboration with the Saint Mary’s Pastoral Council and Finance Council. 

The day-to-day administration of Saint Mary’s School operates under the leadership of the School Principal who is appointed by the Pastor.

The Saint Mary’s School Advisory Council is the primary forum for the Pastor and the School Principal to seek the wisdom of parents in matters related to the life of our school.

Members of the School Advisory Council are elected for three-year terms by parents of school children who are members of Saint Mary’s Church or other feeder parishes.                   

We imagine ourselves as a group of disciples who covenant together to explore and share the challenge of designing a new and more faithful school community.  Our meetings are more than opportunities for getting work done.  They are occasions for praying, studying, sharing and celebrating together.  Our gatherings are opportunities for watching over one another in love as we seek to fulfill our Council’s discipleship calling. 


  • We consider our Advisory Council to be an expression of Church that demonstrates Christian community through the quality of our common life.  We will use prayer and study to help us learn and grow as an expression of the Church.

  • We covenant ourselves to mutual discipleship, faithfully pledging our time, our prayers, our skills and our resources to support and strengthen each other in supporting God's Mission at Saint Mary’s School.

  • We will pray for one another each day.

  • We will pray together each time we meet.

  • We will be accountable to one another for our presence at all Advisory Council gatherings.

  • We will take responsibility for our own actions and our own learning.

  • We will practice a spirit of patience, graciousness and hospitality in our meetings, encouraging others to speak and express themselves.

  • We will listen and talk attentively with one another as we plan and work together, practicing our best listening skills and striving to be concise and clear in our statements. 

  • We will be analytical rather than judgmental.

  • We will lovingly encourage one another and tolerantly accept one another’s failures.

  • We will always try to focus on the issues without neglecting active concern for the quality of our relationships.

  • We will resist being pressured by special interest groups concerned about only one part of school life and work.  It is not OK to become involved in operational management or micromanagement.

  • Proposals for decision will include alternative solutions and a recommendation -- with a clear rationale for that recommendation.

  • It is OK to disagree with positions expressed and with other Advisory Council members and to offer divergent points of view.

  • We will discuss issues and move toward consensus in making decisions whenever that is possible.

  • We will strive to maintain a “win/win” environment rather than a “win/lose” dynamic.  It is not OK to enter win/lose conflicts.

  • We will faithfully and responsibly carry out the duties and assignments given to us.


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